Rizzo Recycling Rewards
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 Single Stream Recycling
 The days of sorting recyclables is over everything goes in one bin

Recyclable Items Learn which items are recyclable and which ones are not.


 Rizzo Recycling Easy curbside recycling which benefits you and the environment

The Rizzo Rewards program is an incentive program that focuses on involving you and your community in an effort to reduce landfill disposal both here and and across the State . Rizzo Rewards gives something back to you and your community by supporting local business, because together we will try to make the world a greener place. By encouraging and rewarding the residents of your community  to recycle each week Rizzo Rewards will encourage you to divert more waste materials into our recycling system. This waste diversion program reduces the amount of waste sent to the landfill, or the incinerator, thereby, reducing green house gases and other types of pollution.